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Week 4 + beyond of your Posh journey!

Did you wrap up your 30 days and are you moving onto your 60-day goals?


Always offering up the opportunity to join you.

$60 days is a total of $700 and 1 new team member.


Try to book 3 spa experiences from each get-together.


Offer up a special- “First 3 to book recieve_______”).


Develop your follow-up routine.


Use the tracker provided in our documents to write down and keep track of samples, thank you’s and follow-ups.

Work your way through your warm market!

Your goal is to get out of FRIENDS AND FAMILY as soon as possible.

Who do they know that you do not?


Highlight and mark 4 other dates you can do more get-togethers.


This is the start of your business plan and building your business plan starts with being intentional with your calendar.


Have sample packs on you at all times so you are ready to Posh people out and about. Big Fat Yummy Hand cremes are easy to carry and 1 squirt gives them an amazing experience of Posh.


Stay consistent with your VIP group by posting lifestyle posts on your personal page. 

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