Week 3 of your Posh journey!

Send out thank you notes and follow up with customers (make sure they received their orders).


Make sure everyone in your launch party is added to your VIP or closed Facebook group.


Book 3 pampered spa experiences, events or one on ones! Keep your momentum!


You need $350 for your 30-day props.

Get organized!

Create space for your business. Organization brings efficiency!!


The Fortune is in the follow-up and the riches are in routines!

Studies show that it takes an average of EIGHT to TWELVE exposures to a product before people even begin to say "oh yeah, I've heard about that!" Conversely, most salespeople stop at 2 contacts....the initial contact, and the follow-up at which either a sale is made or the customer says "no." Let's learn to stretch things out a little bit!

First of all, make sure that ALL of your samples are ALWAYS labeled, and that you have a TON of business cards readily available. They may LOVE that BFYHC, but if it isn't labeled, you bet they'll jump on the Posh site and order from the first random person that they find.

When you hand out that sample, be prepared! Ask that person if you can contact them in a few days to get their input! Don't just assume that they'll use it right away and get right back to you. Text, email, FB....whatever you need to do to get their info.

Always keep in mind the 2 days/2 weeks/2 months method, whether it's samples or a sale. In 2 days, contact that person. "How did you feel about X Y Z? Did you love it?" You'd be amazed at how many people have forgotten about the sample and it's sitting at the bottom of their purse! Consider this part a gentle reminder. In 2 weeks, contact them again. "what questions do you have for me? Are you ready to get that product?" Upsell....."I have the perfect XYZ to complement that!" Then, in 2 months, it's another contact. "Hey, I bet you're running low on your XYZ and I don't want you to run out....ready to reorder?" In between, don't forget to BUILD THAT RELATIONSHIP and let them know about Splurges, holiday items, etc!

Make sure to keep your records of WHO got samples/purchased, WHAT they got, and WHEN. There are lots of ways to do this....some people keep a notebook, some people have calendars, and some people use computer programs that do automatic reminders.