Week 2 of your Posh journey!

Mail out samples to people who want them or can’t make it to your launch.


Always offer up 3 ways to Posh | Purchase/Customer, Hostess, or Consultant


Set up a PayPal or Square account for invoicing.


Grab a catalog and make a list of interesting things to share or try.


Get Posh on yourself to know more.

Experience is the key to being able to share what is so amazing about Posh!

Take notes on team trainings on our group page. (Tuesday Training on Posh Bosses)


Catch up on any training or ask for specific training needs.

How are you doing on your 30-day PROPS?


You can be full-time or part-time but not sometimes.

You need to touch your business every day.

Some days it will be just 5 minutes and others it may be more. 


Always keep your eye on your WHY and plan for your week.

Having a daily theme can help you stay on track.




Training or Personal Development


What’s Up Wednesday and Connect personally with team or customers. 


VIP focus




Social media Planning and focus



Plan your day out the day before.  Have your list ready to go and plan in mind.

You have to be consistent with your business is you want to see it grow!! 


In this section, we are going to discuss several ways to find, create, and work with a customer base.

Product Passion

The first and foremost part of getting Posh on people is to have PRODUCT PASSION! There are several steps to build your product passion – but you probably have it already since you took the leap and became a consultant.


You need to use and experience the products before you are able to have a passion for them. Pick your favorites and share your experience, what you like about them and how they make you feel. Personal testimonies are a great way to make people comfortable with you and help them feel like you are sharing what you love and not just selling them something. Also, how did you or someone you know benefit from the product(s)? Remember – we aren’t a pharmacy and don’t want to fix ailments, but our products do have an effect on people and their skin – share it!


Know your ingredients (at least a little). You aren’t a chemist and you don’t need to know all the ingredients in everything, but educate yourself on some of the more important main ingredients that Posh uses in its products and what those ingredients will do for your skin. We have awesome resources available – lots of trainings, ingredient 101 information, even the Posh Paper is chock full of pertinent information that will educate you and your customers on why our ingredients are the best.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.”