Within the first week of your Posh journey...

Take a selfie with your favorite Posh product and share it.


Make a video or go live about your “WHY POSH” What made you fall in love with this opportunity?


Make samples from your kit and post pictures of you making them. Who wants some?


Watch your Get Started Videos on the virtual office.

These will be great references when you need a little guidance.

Make a list of daily posts for social media. Alternate between PERSONAL, PURPOSEFUL and PROMOTIONAL! BE Authentic and BE YOU! 

Do 2 pop the box events! Share Live and with some friends.


All you are doing is sharing what is in your Starter box. 1 social platform and 1 with family and friend.


Pick from your kit and make a video demonstration for your group.


Take pictures of each product with your hand, face, kids, dog, bathroom sink in the background.


You will use these later, and they are unique to you. (people want to see you!)


Schedule your launch within 10 days!


Make an outline with me or your sponsor for your launch event. 


Do a LIVE unboxing on social media!

Opening up your kit on social media is a great way to introduce the products and your new business venture to your friends and family! I would highly recommend going ‘LIVE’ on your personal Facebook page or your already established VIP group! (Don’t have a VIP group yet? that’s okay- go live on your personal page and be sure to mention that you are establishing a VIP group and invite people to join!)

Tips for going live, or doing a pre-recording, of your unboxing!

Set up in an area with good lighting, set your camera in a station place.

Make sure you have already cut the box open so you aren’t struggling with the tape on the camera


Open the box and start sharing everything as you open it.  Remember, don't hold back! Your excitement will be contagious and having others wanting more information!

Hold up each product, read the name. If you know about the product, talk about it! If you aren’t familiar with it, that’s OKAY! Say things like ‘Oh yay! I am so excited to try this scrub! I haven’t tried a Posh scrub yet- stay tuned for my review of this product!'.

Hold up the sample bag and samples you receive. Ask who would like samples! I bet someone will!


If you are LIVE, try to engage with viewers who are commenting. Ask them questions, ask them if they would like samples. Engagement is key!

Be sure to share your website, information about your VIP group, and information about your launch party too!

Going LIVE can be nerve-wracking, but it is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone and to share your passion for Posh and your new business with your family and friends!


FRANK List - Get ready to rock this out!

When creating your FRANKS list think about each person you are adding. Do you think this person would love the products? Add buying next to their name. Do they love to host things? Put Hostess by their name. Would you love to have them as a part of your team? Possible new Team Member next to their name. Never discount anyone! They could be your next rockstar on your team. Check out the Customer Tracker to start your business off organized and ready! (under documents)




Once you have completed your FRANKS list take some time and put an (*) next to each of the people you would love to or think would be a great addition to your Perfectly Posh Team. Don’t Think about any objections or negativity, if they have an interest or would NEVER do Direct Sales. If you would like to work with them write their name down on your DREAM TEAM LIST.

Try to list at least 15 people per category. Reach out to them to share your business, offer samples, ask them to join your VIP group!