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First, let's focus on the most important thing:

Your Why!

Your ‘WHY’ matters and makes your story personal and relatable. It’s important that everyone shares their story. Today, no one should own a business unless it’s a fire in their belly and a sparkle in their step. You should be passionate and be able to share that passion.


Your ‘why’ can change. It might be different today than it will be tomorrow, but always have a reason to put your heart into what you’re doing. It will be what makes your business successful.

Why did you join Posh? What made you fall in love with Posh? How do you FEEL because of Posh? Decide what makes your business tick! Place gratitude front and center to start that momentum of magic coming your way!

While you wait on your starter kit...

Announce to everyone that you are now a Posh Consultant!


Log into your VO (virtual office) and start exploring!


Did you get your Posh Pay Set up? 

In the VO you’ll find lots of amazing resources in our asset library.


Find your replicated website to share (typically

Things to look at...

Virtual office, Newsroom (something you should check every day), Getting Started, My Profile.

Write down your website in your notebook, CID (consultant ID) for easy reference and your 30-60-90 day Prop Dates!


Did you sign up for your call with me?


Create a closed Facebook group, and ask friends to join, no mass adding!


Make a list of people who are product junkies, work-out, love baths, love parties, problem skin, have a large social network, need a few extra bucks- share your new journey.


Send 10-20 of them happy sample mail as soon as you can.


Order sample supplies from the portal or amazon. Be prepared for lots of sharing!


Sit down and write your “WHY POSH” Why did you join Posh?

When sharing with others you should have 4 main parts, don't make it super long. It should easily fit on one page. Whether you're addressing an audience of one or one thousand, the best stories always include:

Your background, the things you didn't like about your background, how posh came to the rescue and your results and/or how you feel about your future.

Team communication occurs mostly on our Posh Crew page as we try to keep all pertinent corporate information up to date there along with consultant questions and team fun.

Business Tips

  • Consider opening a separate bank account for your business. This will make it easier when it’s time to do taxes and will make it easier for you to stay organized and not overspend. PayPal offers a debit card that will allow you to access funds collected from customers. You can also open a checking account for your business, and savings account for you to save funds.

  • Save all business-related receipts- you cannot write off business expenses on your taxes unless you have the receipts.  Also, have a notebook or way to track your business mileage.

  • Sign-up for UPS Choice – This is a free service that will notify you when you are going to receive a package from Perfectly Posh, and make it much easier to track your packages.

  • Consider business cards-  You earn business cards when you complete your 90-day Props, but there’s a good chance that you will want some before then.  Cards are commonly ordered from the Posh Portal, Vista print, or  Remember, they MUST include the Perfectly Posh Independent log.

  • Begin working as soon as you join! A cumulative Combination of Personal sales (volume) and recruiting new team members earns you Lots of Perks!

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