Why Perfectly Posh?

Why Perfectly Posh?

People often ask me what makes your company different? Why your company and brand? Read on and learn why I am on the energy bus with this company…

Did you know…. – Our company Facebook page currently reaches 1,060,000 people (followers + friends). … – Perfectly Posh Consultants have now sold 139,019 pampering products in only 257 days. – Perfectly Posh Consultants have earned $232,297.55 in commissions so far. – There are only 1,248 Perfectly Posh Consultants in 49 states plus DC. (Where are you Rhode Island? It’s not too late, but you’re missing the party, ladies and gents.) – 311 Consultants have already used our texting number for Posh Support — (810) 620-7674 — since it launched at Leadership Unleashed in January. – The number of consultants has doubled since Feb 10th and will double again by this fall. – There are only 3 or 4 people in the Posh Home Office on any given day, but there are 735 Perfectly Posh Consultants on the Sharing Posh page. Had enough? Two more…

– Our meetings for Leadership are at facilities used during the 2002 Winter Olympics. – You will see something and experience something the opening night of UnConventional that you have NEVER seen before and everyone will be talking about for a long time.

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