Why No Parabens!! We simply pamper!

Check this wonderful article out from Berkeley News!!  So many reasons why you need to make the switch to Perfectly Posh.  

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Lotion ingredient paraben may be more potent carcinogen than thought….

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What are parabens? 

The chemicals, called parabens, are preservatives widely used in everything from shampoos and cosmetics to body lotions and sunscreens. The chemicals have generated increasing health concerns, however, because they mimic estrogens, which have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive problems.

Where are they found?

Parabens, which are common ingredients in personal care products, may interact with growth factors in the body to increase the risk of breast cancer.

What we Promise here at Posh!

We Simply Pamper!  No Sulfates, Parabens, Lanolin or Phthlates in any of our naturally-base spa products. 

We are Cruelty Free and NEVER test our products on animals. 

We want you to take time for YOU and fill pampered while you do! 

Safe for the WHOLE FAMILY!