Who is the Co-Founder of Perfectly Posh, Ann Dalton?

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Many people want to know who started Perfectly Posh, what they look like, and what their story is.  Well, one of the founders is Ann Dalton, a “creative genius” to  many of us who adore her and have watched her work in our industry.

Ann has built successful companies

Ann was an art history major in college, but she’s a successful graphic designer by trade. She worked freelance for many clients when her children were young. But successful execution with one particular client led to the establishment of a multi-million dollar enterprise for Ann Dalton when she was granted exclusive rights to the Scentsy logo to create marketing materials for Scentsy Consultants.

Ann has a drive for success that is unmatched

Ann eventually sold the company she built and named Scentsy Success, to Scentsy Corporate. But with her incredible drive to create and succeed, it was inevitable that she’d create another successful company. Perfectly Posh was born conceptually when Ann recognized a gap in the market between high quality organic body products that were brown, ugly and very expensive and those products that were inexpensive, fun, colorful, and loaded with unhealthy chemicals and fillers. She saw a niche that needed to be filled and knew she had the connections to do it. That’s how Perfectly Posh began.

Ann is a woman’s champion

Throughout her career, Ann had seen women do incredible things everyday in business and knew they deserved a business model that pampered them as much as the products she was working on creating. Her motto is: “You deserve it!” I believe the same thing! Women sometimes don’t even recognize the amazing things they do! When we recognize our potential, we can accomplish incredible things!