Where Do You Get Your Buzz?

I got my kids FitBit’s for Christmas this year.  It is their first time wearing or owning one of these devices.  I’m sure the fitness benefits will be real in the future as they continue to wear them; but the entertainment factor over the holiday vacation has been priceless!

Fitbit on man's arm

It’s brilliant really: that buzz at activity benchmarks.  The 17-year-old has been playing Just Dance all week long just to ensure that she gets more steps than everyone else in the house and earns her buzz.  While this tracking technology is fairly new, the Pavlovian principle of response and reward is hundreds of years old.  I just don’t think that Pavlov’s dogs did the kind of comparing that the teenager is seeking with her repeated questions to anyone and everyone that will answer, “I’ve got 7892 steps so far.  How many do you have?” Quite frankly, she’s making my husband a bit crazy.  He’s not overtly the competitive one in the family.  I own that title with a couple of the kids challenging for the throne.  But every time, the 17-year-old announces her step-count, he clicks his little button to check his.  Talk about Pavlovian!  It’s become comical!


So, I’m curious… where do you get your “buzz?” and I don’t just mean your exercise buzz.  I mean what really drives you!  Is it the thrill of the competition or the little rewards that you get?  Everyone has a different hot-button that motivates and moves them.  So, there are no wrong answers; but shout out below so we can all learn and appreciate.

Can't go Fitbit is charging