Want to get your new business rolling? Join in March and you’ll receive a Posh rolling suitcase with


Our Posh Crew team has added 277 ladies and gents to our team in 5 days!! We want you to get your new business rolling! First 4,000 Perfectly Posh company wide New Members get this rolling suiTcase when they join! 1500 left, so don’t wait !

$99.00 kit with a $392 value! 

So many types of Posh Peeps…  Check out just 6 common ones

Friends and Family Consultant– Likes the idea of buying products for personal use and receives commission back on personal orders. Sells to neighbors, friends, etc.

Seasonal Consultant- Sells for a short period of time. Wants to earn a specific amount. Think of Summer Break for Teachers, or Seasonal HELP for extra Christmas Money!

Hobbyist Consultant- Loves doing home shows, facebook lives and earning money when it’s convenient. Works a lot some months and less other months.

On-Site Consultant- Works for a company with lots of employees who love PERFECTLY POSH. Makes it convenient for everyone to order and EARNS EXTRA INCOME in the process.

Part-Time Consultant- Part-time consultant who desires to make a specified monthly income to pay for daycare, college tuition, car payments or just extra fun for themselves. (without the guilt)

Business – Building Consultant- Views Perfectly Posh as a viable career, knows it can provide a full-time income.  Wants to move up the consultant ranks. Works his/her business in a consistent and on-going manner- its a real priority to them.

These are just 6 types of Consultants that I see on our POSH CREW TEAM!   Perfectly Posh can fit into your life and schedule in so many different ways.  This months rolling suitcase with your starter kit makes it even more mobile for any way of sharing Posh.

BUT DON’T Wait too LONG…  ONLY 4,000 are available and we are 1/2 way there!! 

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