Day 3 #HUMP DAY Survival

Late night last night with friends staying over with the kids and tight on time today! So how do you survive the 3rd day of Spring Break?

I grab my favorite CHUNK.. You’ll need both hands to get ahold of the extravagance that our BIG BATH BARS provide.

Once you later up with a Chunk, you’ll never wash with ordinary soap again.

It’s pampering just to see the comparison-

Tight on Time?

Each bar is made from an organic soap base of sodium palmate. It creates a gentle, but deep-cleansing experience that outlasts run-of-the-mill soap.

Because palm oil is one of Mother Nature’s most nourishing ingredients, we source all of our palm oil responsibly, ensuring a level of pampering that you can be indulged in for generations to come.

All manufacturers are proud participants in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Find the Chunk that fits your Pampering needs!

Starting the day off Chunky with my favorite start to the day!

Survival Number 3