If you need a little Kick to get your Monday Morning off or if you just partied too hard this weekend, I have got the fix!

Peppermint EO… In our Partied too Hard Paste!

Bryan Raudenbush, PH.D, a professor of phycology reports that “peppermint scent activates the area of our brain that puts us to sleep at night and wakes us up in the morning. More stimulation in this area of the brain leads to more energy and motivation to perform your athletic tasks!” (or any task on a Monday)

Break out of that Monday Morning slump and slather on some Partied Too hard Paste before getting into the shower ( this may be done while half asleep), climb into the shower and rinse off….Now JUMP out of the shower and start your day the right way! This Peppermint Essential Oil will get your Monday off on the right foot and ready for anything. Have a Poshtastic Monday!