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Simply Party Plan Perfectly Posh Review!!

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Perfectly Posh Product Review for Shaleen Ague

Recently we were given the opportunity to review a Perfectly Posh product provided to us by Shaleen Ague, Independent Rep., Since we are familiar with Perfectly Posh we asked someone that had never heard of them before to give us an unbiased review and here is what she had to say about her first experience with Perfectly Posh.

A “Peel To Me” is a fabulous scrub to wash away your dead dry winter skin, and replace it with fresh, soft glowing skin just in time for summer. First I scrubbed my legs and feet with this amazing smelling citrus scrub. I love that you can see the fresh orange peels in the scrub.Then I shaved my legs. Let me tell you Ladies, I have NEVER had softer smoother legs! Even my Hubby complimented me on them. I didn’t even need lotion after I was done. Still for some extra softness, I applied the Fresh Creamy Milk . I’m in LOVE. I then decided to treat my poor beat up hands to a little refreshing and used the Daily Grind Coffee Scrub. I love everything about this scrub. For not being a big coffee fan, the smell is intoxicating! I applied about a dimes worth to the palm of my hand, and then went to work. I love the way a scrub feels on my hands so I scrub for about 3 minutes. I’m sure you could do it in less time. Then I rinsed. It was like having a babies bottom for hands. I’ve never used a scrub that has done that. I then applied about a pennies worth of the Creamy Coconut Cocktail lotion. AMAZING! I loved the smell, and it really lasted. I recommend all these wonderful products! Enjoy.

Happy Customer CB

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