Unmasking the Mask! – Posh Facial Mask

Welcome to Unmasking the Facial Mask!

It doesn’t have to be a mystery, take forever or be difficult.  I am going to tell you a little more about Unmasking the Mask. Here at Perfectly Posh we offer an amazing paper called A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pampering!  Inside you will find so much information that will help you multi-task like a BOSS! Today we are talking multi-tasking the mask! I want to unmask the mystery of masking!  I want you to fit your face with the perfect pairing of our Off and On masks.

What type of skin are you? 

Unmasking the Mask! - Posh Facial Mask

When you multi mask like a boss you make sure to get it all off and follow by getting it all on.  WAIT.. let me explain.

To take it off, Perfectly Posh offers several masks that not only remove and pull out the gunk from your face but also remove dead, dry skin by detoxifying and exfoliating!

Unmasking the Mask! - Posh Facial Mask

Get it ON!!  After you take something off you have to replace it with something good and put it ON.  Perfectly Posh offers several On masks that hydrate, sooth and moisture.

So even if you have a day where you have to multi-task a million things you can swap it for multi-masking!

Unmasking the Mask! - Posh Facial Mask

Check it out on-line- www.poshyourself.info

If you don’t have a Perfectly Posh Consultant you can request a Girlfriends Guide to Pampering with your very own On and Off mask sample to try. Make sure you subscribe and check out all my channels to stay connected to everything Posh!   Ur Posh Lady!

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