Top Sellers from our NEW SPRING/SUMMER Perfectly Posh PAPER!!

The new Spring/Summer Posh Paper is in and be ready to be pampered!! You are looking at 6 of our top sellers already. Products are flying off the shelves and women are loving every minute of it. Check out the new catalog at or click on the link above.

I am excited to announce that our Starter kit is now staying with the double kit for $99.00. That is over $280 dollars of products for you to start your own Perfectly Posh business!! Smart women, Smart business owners are joining us now… What are you waiting for? This kit provides you with everything to get started now. One for you and One for your business! Join our Posh Crew team on our Pampering Pursuit, we would be honored to have you. Perfectly Posh offers Freedom, Flexibility and Support for your new journey, which is something most companies don’t.

I am looking for driven, motivated women to join our Pampering Pursuit!! I would be honored to share information, samples or just chat with you regarding this opportunity!!

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Take time and check out the new POSH Paper and remember you DESERVE to be Pampered and I would be honored to help.

Shaleen Ague, Ind. Premier/Pinnacle Perfectly Posh Consultant

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