Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Skin Care Consultant – And 10 More that Could Help You Make the Be

Jungle Sephora Split

It’s a jungle out there!  No, not out there out there.  I’m talking about in that maze of beauty products they call aisle nine, Sephora, and the interwebs.  But  whether you’re a beauty counter buyer, a direct sales shopper, or more of a grab and go at the local drug store girl, there are IMPORTANT questions you should ask BEFORE you buy; the answers may surprise you.


Everyone’s skin is unique, but for convenience sake the beauty world has divided the spectrum into three main skin types: dry, oily, and combination. Knowing yours makes a huge difference in the skin products you choose! Take your own skin-type-quiz here: 

      2.  Is this product non-comedogenic FOR ME?

Non-comedogenic means non acne forming. Most beauty products are tested for comedogenicity before they’re placed on the shelves. But here’s the thing about comedogenicity, it’s a fickle, unregulated beast. Whether or not a product says non-comedogenic isn’t irrelevant, but it is far more important whether or not a product is made with quality ingredients that work for you. ( )


From known carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients) to drying sulfates, petroleum based fillers to harmful fragrance phthalates, there are many ingredients that are less than stellar for your skin. Be aware of the ingredients in your beauty regimen, and opt for pure and natural skin care whenever you can!


We know  you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating:The danger from UV rays is real! Always, always, always, be aware of the SPF in your routine, especially when it comes to your face. And, unless you’re taking important photos — more on this exception here — make sure that SPF is sufficiently high for your daily activities.

     5.  Would YOU use it?

Don’t bother beating around the bush! If you’re purchasing from a beauty counter or direct sales consultant, just ask! If they say no, make sure they have a good reason — like particularly sensitive skin, or a completely different skin type than your own.

Here are 10 additional questions that can help guide YOU to the best skin care products for YOU:

Is this a targeted product for my specific skin issue or just a general product?

REALISTICALLY… how much will this product/regimen cost me per month?

Were any animals harmed in the development of this product?

How many products will I need to accomplish my desired result?

Realistically, what kind of results can I expect with this product/regimen?  Or what results have others experienced?

Are there any discomforts or side effects I should expect with this product/regimen?

Is this a sulfate-free product?

Does this product contain petroleum-based ingredients?

Does the fragrance in these products contain phthalates?

Where can I buy this product in the future?