Tootie Tuesday!

Happy Tart Tootie Tuesday! This fun fragrance will brighten your day and skin with a spunky fragrance. This sweet and sassy fragrance comes in our Handle and Sinful Skin collection.

Perfectly Posh Solid Lotion Handle is a soothing blend of healing butters and gentle beeswax that protect and soften busy hands. Just pick it up, rub gently, then smooth into your skin. In a pretty tin, they’re perfectly portable…so easy to take with you.Purchase your Tuesday Tart Tootie Handle!

Tootie Tuesday!

Tart Tootie Sinful Skin is so indulgent and sinfully full of things that are good for your skin. It’s an abundance of natural, soothing protecting and moisturizing ingredients.

Sinful Skin will leave you feeling so heavenly, it must be a little naughty. A delightfully decadent combination of aloe, glycerin, organic olivates and the most naturally indulgent oils on earth: coconut, safflower oils, grape seed, jojoba and avocado plus a little vitamin E to help protect you from everything you encounter on this Tootie Tuesday. I need a little Sinful Skin in Tart Tootie today!

Have a Happy Tootie Tuesday!