The Posh Labs: My Trip with Platinum Premiers

At home in a hairnet and a lab coat

My college education and background are in science. So, I love going to the Posh Labs! And I got to go this past week as part of the very first Platinum Premier Retreat in San Francisco. Even in a hairnet, I was rockin’ my lab coat!

PCH: Citrus Breezes

PCH Scrub and body butter

The best part of my visit to the lab was formulating my very own custom fragrance for a body butter and a body scrub. I created a fragrance that I named PCH: Pacific Coast Highway. Since I love citrus, it had lime and orange notes along with peppermint to add that cool refreshing note. This scent gives me the feeling of the wind in my hair (peppermint) while driving in a convertible along the California Coast past the citrus groves. It takes me to places and experiences I’ve loved with my family. I think it’ll be my new happy place fragrance; and this will be my new favorite body butter.

Demand drives growth

One of the impressive parts to visiting the labs was the growth and new larger equipment that has been added. The first time I visited S&V labs, Posh was only 2 years old. Even then, Posh had changed the landscape at S&V. During the recession, S&V had to lay off about half of their employees because of a decline in demand and production. Because of Posh, 2 years ago, they brought back EVERY employee they had laid off and were working all the shifts they had been before. Today, S&V is even more productive than it was 2 years ago because of Posh. When we pulled into the parking lot, it was evident that even more had changed because the parking lot was jam-packed and cars were occupying spaces that were not even designated parking spots. This FDA-regulated specialty lab that focuses on pure and natural body products now employs over 150 people and has had to expand into new space and employ automated equipment to meet demands. We warned them while we were there that they better get ready for more incredible growth to come. People all over the US are falling in love with the pure and natural body products Posh offers. Posh is not only here to stay, but to GROW!