Success Leaves 10 Clues

Success Leaves 10 Clues

As a Network Marketing Professional I am inspired when someone in our industry cracks the code for success because success leaves clues.

This is an important concept to embrace because one of the key distinctions I see between someone who enters our profession and turns this into their career versus a hobby is the amount that this individual attempts to recreate the wheel.

Network Marketing is really easy as a profession if you follow the fundamentals and gather all of the clues that others have left behind, but on the other hand, it can be extremely challenging when you are turning a blind eye to these clues.

Here are my top ten clues to help you achieve success

1.) Your list is your driving force for success so treat this like the valuable asset that it is and continue to work it and add to it daily.

2.) Own the first 30 days of a new business builders experience and find a way to help them gain momentum so they feel like they are progressing

3.) Never miss a conference for anything other than the birth of your first born (and even then try to plan accordingly)

4.) Invest 60 minutes each day in your own personal development – both mind and body.

5.) 100% is much easier than 90% so never give yourself a day-off from any rhythms you establish in your life whether they are personal or professional.

6.) Be aware of your business everywhere and anywhere. This does not mean you become a piranha, but it does mean that whenever you can guide a conversation in the direction of introducing your product or your business, you do it. Share your business don’t sell it!

7.) Express gratitude when you feel this emotion so that the people in your world who are contributing to your life know that they are making a difference in real time.

8.) Whenever you are about to end your day, take one more action before you “shut off” because most people stop one step before success

9.) Take nothing personally and recognize that every experience adds a piece to your puzzle called life.

10.)Vote on my proven business strategy that I submitted on the SYNDUIT CROWDSOURCING PLATFORM – we need 2,500 votes and SYNDUIT will build my idea so that everyone will benefit from this proven strategy.

Success Leaves 10 Clues

It is time to stop recreating the wheel and to instead to follow what works!

This is the primary reason why I decided to become a SYNDUIT CONTRIBUTOR. This company is building the first and only proven, compliant, and easy to implement business growth system for Network Marketing Professionals, which is 100% built by the MLM CROWD.

You need to see this for yourself and I really encourage you to vote on my submission because this is the ultimate CLUE for your success.

Here is the link again:

Success Leaves 10 Clues

Thanks for your vote… Shaleen Ague, Ind. Platinum-Pinnacle Posh Consultant

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