Spring Foot Special! 3 products for an amazing DEAL!

Heebie Jeebie Set

One more GREAT Special for the week!! We have two new products…. Cool your Sole and Warm your Sole Footsie Products.

Get both of these and a Free Heebie Jeebie kit April 4-11th for only $34.00 Get those feet ready for the summer!

Cool Speech Bubble-thumb

What is Cool Your Sole? Got those hot, sweaty feet?? This is the perfect product for you! Dry, scaly feet will be a thing of the past with this intensely thick foot balm that hydrates and protects with castor oil and beeswax. a natural essential oil blend of peppermint and thyme refreshes and cools.


What is Warm your Sole? 

I always have cold feet so this is amaziing! Take your toes from icy to spicy! Warm and moisturize your feet naturally with this luxuriously rich foot balm. Orange and cardamom essential oils enhance your cozy experience.



Heebie Jeebie Foot Peel Kit- 

If you’ve let your foot care go and bypassed the pedicure treatment long enough to develop scary fee, Heebie Jeebie will save you. Skip the grater and naturally peel away layers of dead skin on your feet and toes using our vegan blend of alpha hydroxy acid, sugar cane and salycylic acid.

** results may vary from sloughing to peeling.


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