Possible with Perfectly Posh!

What can happen in 1 year? What did happen in 1 year?

It has been 1 year that I have had the pleasure of being a part of Perfectly Posh!! Not just a celebration for me but a celebration for this amazing ground level company.

In just one… year my team has grown to 160 outstanding, wonderful, hardworking women! Today my team has grown to over 34 different states and continues to grow very steady. I have promoted 5 times and currently hold the title of being the 6th Premier with the company.

I have had a chance to travel to Utah several times thanks to my commission checks. These wonderful events have included 2 leadership events and our first ever Unconventional!! Not only was this experience rewarding but totally unforgettable. During this trip I also had the pleasure of spending 2,000 on a shopping spree courtesy of Perfectly Posh for all my hard work!

Rewards, Rewards and more Rewards sums up this my year with Perfectly Posh. What company rewards their consultants with chances to win gifts each month, trips, and contests for business supplies and more all year long? Perfectly Posh has not only rewarded me continuously but rewarded my family with extra cash and helped build my business with supplies and encouragement.

Who wouldn’t like in one year to be bringing in commission checks of at least 1200 dollars? The best part of these checks is that they keep growing! I would never have thought that one year would hold so much success, reward, and friendship. I continue to look ahead and see the next 2, 3 and 5 years and wonder why someone would pass up such an opportunity?

With less than 2500 consultants and still a ground level company how could you not want to see where you could go! If you are already a part of this great company, embrace it and work hard and this will be you. If you have seen us and want to know more…this is the time to do it! If you are ready to build a lifetime of friendships, make extra money and be rewarded for all you do… GO AFTER IT!


And the Journey continues..


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