Posh your Smell!

Natural Energy Booster continued…


According to Women’s Health magazine research shows that when people are exposed to orange or peppermint scents they report more positive experiences.

The smell of peppermint, a natural stimulant can also quell stress, according to the North American Journal of Psychology.

Rub a drop of one of these essential portablams (essential oils) onto your wrist when your energy level starts to slump. A dab will be sure to Perk up your Natural Energy Boost today.

Posh your Smell!

Easy Essentials : Portabalm — Peppermint Perk

Sweet almond oil and cocoa butter combine exquisitely with your favorite pampering essential oil. They beg to be rubbed into greedy temples, working wrists, and across naked necks.

A brisk, invigorating peppermint essential oil will brighten your mood and your mind. Awake and energize…PERK!

These portable, classy tins are easy to set at your desk, carry in your purse, or throw into your workout bag for a little pick me up any time during the day.

Perfectly Posh Yourself all Day Long!