Posh’s I Love Me Month (The Wrap-Up)

A Short Month with Big Dreams: The I Love Me Wrap Up

This month, the Perfectly Posh home office team challenged us to share the reasons why we love Posh publicly. We called it I Love Me Month. Part of that challenge is to share why Posh is so important in our lives. I challenged my team, Posh Crew, to share with everyone what they were able to do with some of the money that they earn from their Posh business. The responses were fabulous! Because I love Posh, and I love my team, I wanted to share the BIG things our team did in this short month!

Little Things

  1. purchase collectibles (like coffee mugs)

  2. pay electric bills

  3. buy new dishes

  4. pay a credit card payment

  5. pay for Netflix

  6. buy more Posh

  7. purchase school supplies

  8. buy gas for the week

  9. stop at Starbucks

  10. stop for a Frosty

  11. buy a new vacuum

  12. pay for medicine

  13. get manicures and pedicures

  14. pay a cell phone bill

  15. pay a medical bill

  16. buy a new outfit

Melissa Cheslog

Kristina Kay Skiba

Bigger Things

  1. pay for Christmas

  2. pay for monthly memberships

  3. pay lessons for kids

  4. buy concert tickets

  5. pay for summer camps

  6. pay rent for the month

  7. pay for a new passport

  8. fuel a subscription box habit

  9. give to charity

  10. get a new pet

  11. go on dates

  12. take a family outing

  13. buy new furniture

  14. pay for kids’ sports

  15. pay off a big bill

Janessa Oriol

Casey Evans-White

Lauren E. Parker

The Biggest Things

  1. paid for a trip to the Master’s Tournament

  2. paid for Disney trips (lots of Disney trips)

  3. paying for a trip to China

  4. paid for a new car (in full)

  5. purchased a trip to South America

  6. took the family to NYC (and paid for all of the cold weather gear)

  7. took the family on an extended camping trip

paid for by posh, Perfectly Posh

I paid off a credit card!

paid for by Posh, Perfectly Posh

Heather Sellers

Kelly Decoteau

Sam Burrows

Stacey Hudson

Michelle Easterlin Jimenez

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