Posh’s I Love Me Month

I Love Me

I Love Me, and I love Posh. Seven years ago, when I first joined Perfectly Posh, I never thought I would be where I am with my business today. When we launched I Love Me month, it gave me a moment to sit back and reflect what Posh really means to me, both then and now. When I first got my starter kit, I was hopeful. Truth be told, since that day when I eagerly smelled (and disliked) everything in my starter kit, I had no idea that I’d be where I am today (That’s a crazy topic for another post). I have accomplished much more than I ever could have imagined all of those years ago, and I owe it all to Posh. I Love Me Month is the month to celebrate why I love owning my own Posh business, so naturally, I want to share those reasons with you!

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Why I Love My Posh Business

I get to be a mom.

Being a mom is my number one priority. But like so many moms, there was a time when I felt like I needed more. I needed something that made me feel like a woman again. I needed goals. I needed something that I could work and strive for. I wanted to be something larger than myself, but remain the best mom I could be.

I get the flexibility my family needs.

I am not a member of the 9 to 5 club, and I like it that way. I can take time off when my family needs me, and I have no one to answer to but myself. Do you know how good it feels to do something for my kids at school and not have to ask someone if I can sneak off for an hour to be there for my kids? It feels FAB.

I can work from anywhere.

I work from the school pickup line. I work in waiting rooms. I work while my kids are at soccer practice and soccer camps. All I need is my phone, and I am good to go!

I get to provide for my family

I love me, Posh, Posh business, posh crew

I help pay the family bills, and I support my family’s dreams. Right now, we are building our dream home, and Posh helped pay for our new, beautiful space. I’ve also paid for our family’s Disney vacation; we bought a camper; we bought a truck for my husband! Do you know what’s even better? Going to Starbucks without worrying about the treat, or even cooler? Not thinking twice about buying myself a new outfit!

Why I Love My Posh Team

I get to be a boss.

In my seven years with Posh, I’ve built a strong team, Posh Crew, with over 4,700members to date. My team consists of an eclectic group of people who have unique lives and hundreds of different reasons for joining Posh. Each person on my team has the opportunity to do what I do, and I am the lucky leader of all of these beautiful people!

I get to inspire and support other women, and I’ve made friends all over the United States

I love me, Posh, Posh business, posh crew

Life is COMPLICATED; Life is CRAZY, and our Posh Crew focuses on showing others how something as simple as soap and lotion can change your life! We want everyone we come in contact to know that he or she deserves to take a few minutes for themselves. Everyone deserves a little me time.

I get to travel and team-build with Posh

I love me, Posh, Posh business, posh crew

Who doesn’t love a job where you get to wear flamingo leggings and tutus to company activities? Posh rewards its members with incentive trips and fun team-building workshops. These events are so wacky, informative, and empowering. Because I’m with Posh, I’ve built a circle of friends that I can’t imagine my life without. So many of my friends started out as customers, but they evolved into my friends and even teammates.

Why I Love Me

Yes, I am still a stay at home mom, but I am a mom on a Pampering Pursuit. I am a businesswoMOM! I love me because I am a member of something bigger. I am empowered, and I want other people to feel the same way I do. My business, Perfectly Posh, is a business that is all about working for myself and chasing after my dreams. I don’t just have a job; I have a passion, and dang, it feels good to say that!

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