Posh and Natural Energy Boosters…


Take advantage of the full power of your senses and kick your body and mind into gear!

According to Women’s Health magazine, TOUCH can be a natural energy booster. Your hands might be able to put you in a mingling mood. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and MIT found that people view socializing as tougher after toughing a rough object.

To mellow out even more, ask your partner for a hand and foot massage with our Funky Fingers Massage Balm. A soothing, relaxing blend of pure oils and shea butter meet an exotic blend of luxurious natural fragrances to temp and take you and your partner far away on a funky-fingered journey.

Lively Lemongrass Funky Fingers Massage Balm is a clean, naturally bright lemon fragrance that will ease away tension and turmoil.

Smooth Samadhi Funky Fingers Massage Balm is a soothe and smooth natural calming sandal wood.

Get your Hands on me and evoke that natural energy booster into gear!