Perfectly Posh where your Future Begins

Perfectly Posh where your Future Begins

I wanted to share something great with you ladies as I feel it is a disservice as a consultant to not share this amazing opportunity with you ladies. Perfectly Posh is a ground level company and we are growing by leaps and bounds. With 6500 consultants in the whole USA you can see the opportunity with our company.

Now the reason I bring this up is starting JAN 13th we will be adding our incentive trip to the mix or great rewards. Becoming a member of my team on Jan. 13th or after insure all these wonderful chances to grow with Posh and earn free products.

It’s hard to put into words everything going on.. HERE IT GOES!!

Joining on the 13th or after ensures these perks:

* You will receive a Double Kit (worth $260) and a Free 30 day “Posh Academy” (getting started training) for just the cost of $99.00

Also, in your first 90 days you have the chance to earn $180 in business supply credit, a free car vinyl, 1000 labels and 500 business cards…Add to that a chance to earn $180 in PRODUCT credit (which you get paid on)

On top of all that, you can earn Spring/Summer Posh papers, the exclusive palmetto paint butter and 8 new items from the Spring/Summer Posh Paper, Plus a FREE trip to Unconventional in Vegas and 100,000 Posh Points!!

That’s a $700 return on FREE Posh Products, Posh Credits and Business tools just for joining and hitting your quick start for your first 90 days and that doesn’t include your commission!!

Lastly, i mentioned our incentive trip.. Totally amazing and it is doable for even those that start on day one Jan. 13th. Last year we had two amazing ladies that joined the first day of the incentive trip period and made it to our Half Moon Bay Incentive in 2013!

This is a company that cares for their consultants and their success!!

I know this is long but this is such and amazing company and chance to start and be successful with a ground level company.

I would be more then happy to chat with you personally and explain why joining on Jan. 13th is the best day to join our Posh Crew Team!!

more info at

Enjoy this video and vision yourself with us here in 2014!!