Perfectly Posh Takes Greece 2017 Incentive Trip #PoshYourself

How do you recap 10 days of amazing sights, great friends and top notch excursions? You celebrate with a video clip sharing some of the best moments.

Pictures say it BEST!

Perfectly Posh has blessed me in so many ways and getting the chance to go on our Posh take Greece Incentive Trip 2017 was another amazing memory!

From boarding the Azamara Quest cruise Ship in Athens I enjoyed daytime touring and excursions in different cities and night time fun with the fellow Posh ladies on board this beautiful ship. Here is a run down of my amazing journey as I boarded the Azamara Quest in Athens, Greece!

Video clip highlights include-

Patmos Greece- Beach day excursion for sun, fun and relaxation. What a perfect way to kick off a vacation!

Kusadasi, Turkey with the amazing Ephesus tour and Turkish rug experience. We got the chance to also experience authentic Turkish food and culture during this all day tour as a group.

Perfectly Posh Takes Greece 2017 Incentive Trip #PoshYourself

The walking tour of the Old City Chania, Crete, Greece shared lots of history, beautiful art and shopping of course! What we do best when a bunch of ladies get together!

Santorini included a donkey ride to the top!! (the best in my book) Shopping, Greek food and an amazing night on our DINNER CRUISE to see the hot springs, walk the volcano and eat a special dinner while catching the amazing views of Santorini!

Perfectly Posh Takes Greece 2017 Incentive Trip #PoshYourself

Last day was Mykonos, Greece where we spent the day at the most beautiful beach and enjoyed some drinks (cold coffee my new found favorite) and sunshine.

Our farewell dinner captured everything with picture clips shared from Perfectly Posh Home office to recap the last 10 days of friendship, fun and memories.

These are memories and experiences to treasure forever!  I learned so much about the history,  culture,  food, and my other fellow Posh friends.  Looking back, Santorini was one of my favorite days followed by Kusadasi, Turkey / Ephesus Tour.

Thank you Perfectly Posh for this experience and checking off another  item on my BUCKET LIST!

Perfectly Posh Takes Greece 2017 Incentive Trip #PoshYourself

Enjoy some fun photos of my 10 Day Posh Takes Greece Incentive Trip 2017 .

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