Perfectly Posh Beats an Afternoon Slump!

Skip the candy jar in favor of a quick self-massage to beat an afternoon slump says Fitness Magazine. Take a dab of citrus-or peppermint-scented lotion or oil–studies show that the smell of citrus can evoke a happy mood and that a peppermint fragrance can improve alertness and memory–rub it onto your earlobes, working upwards. ” Massaging your ears can help release endorphins in your body, allowing you to feel revitalized.” Rushworth says.

– Fitness, January 2012 edition

Perfectly Posh Beats an Afternoon Slump!

Take this advise and grab a Perfectly Posh Portabalm

PortabalmsSweet almond oil plus cocoa butter and more combine exquisitely and beg to be rubbed into greedy temples, working wrists, and across naked necks. It’s portable pampering for all over you!

Find the Scent to Beat your afternoon Slump

The Golden Mind

Bring clarity, sanity, and focus to your mind and body. Apply all over. Smart, enlivening bergamot and lime


Perk like crazy on your temples, neck, shoulders, wrists, and anywhere else you need to brighten and wake up! A brisk, invigorating peppermint essential oil that is easy to take wherever you go.

Tipsy Lavender

Ease away the stress of the day and let in a light, tipsy mood. Relaxing lavender and exotic neroli oils that will have unwinding at your fingertips.

No matter if you need to bring some Clarity to your day, Perk yourself up , or relax yourself after a long day Perfectly Posh Portabalms are sure to beat that slump!

Grab one today and Posh Yourself!

Perfectly Posh Beats an Afternoon Slump!

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