Peeps Like You Deserve A Little Pampering

I love this time of year. There is something to be said about the transition from winter to spring, and the feeling that everything in nature has a chance to regenerate and thrive. This rebirth of nature also helps me remember why I love this time of year. It’s more than just the chance for nature to start over again; it is the opportunity to recognize the real reason why we celebrate Easter. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t get a little (maybe a lot) excited about all of the cute bunnies, chicks, and cute little animals that seem to be everywhere this time of year. My love for all of these babies made me think. How can I incorporate the season into my Posh business? That’s where the bunny (or Peeps) treat bags came about. Now, I have all kinds of little packs ready to give out. I get to pamper my Peeps.

Could you use these cute bunny treat bags for your business, for your friends, or as little gifts?

How to Make an Easter Bunny or a Peep with a Washcloth Tutorial

Tutorial on Making the Peep Packs


  1. Treat Bags

  2. Grass

  3. Wash Cloth (grey, white, or yellow)

  4. Goody clear hair ties

  5. Ribbon (spring colored)

  6. Scissors

  7. Posh Goodies (or whatever you’d like to put inside).

Directions For Making a Peep or a Bunny

  1. Place the washcloth on a table. Roll the cloth tightly from one corner to another corner, diagonally. Once it is done rolling it will look a little bit like a taquito.

  2. Fold the roll in half.

  3. Place one clear hair tie just above the keyhole. I leave enough room in the “keyhole” to fit a Fizi bath bomb.

  4. If you are making a Peep, bend each flap and tie down the “ears” with the original hair tie.

  5. If you are making a bunny, add another hair tie about an inch or so above the first tie to create the bunny face.

  6. Cut a section of the ribbon. If you are making a Peep, place the ribbon around the one hair tie. If you are making a bunny, tie the ribbon around the bunny’s neck (the lower section).

  7. You can add googly eyes or anything else you’d like to your bunny or Peep. I just left mine as is.

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Directions for the Treat Bags

  1. Open your clear treat bag and place some grass in the bottom. I like brightly colored grass.

  2. Put the bunny or Peep inside with whatever goodies you want. I chose a Fizi and one of our best-selling soaps, So Soapy!

  3. Fold the bag at the top and either tie the bag or create a tag topper. I made these cute tags that say “Peeps Like You Deserve a Little Pampering” and “Wash your cares away with these naturally-based pampering goodies! No parabens, Paraffins, or sulfates!”

  4. Give your goodies to anyone who needs a little pampering or pick me up

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