Part 2 of How to Prep for a Home Party

Time to tackle Part 2- How to Prep for a Home Party

Part two is just as important as part one!! You have to make sure you are ready and have the things you need to share Posh without bringing your whole house.

Try to keep everything to ONE TRIP in!! This video will share some tips and tricks to keep your life and your hostess pampered! With that said, I do bring towels and wash cloths to my spa retreats and this is totally optional. My focus it to pamper the hostess and not leave her with loads of laundry to do. Table set-ups should be simple and there is not need to make a huge display. You want to get product on people not have them look at your set-up. I hope these tips help you feel more confident and comfortable with your next home spa!

Remember check in with your hostess and find out space she has, products she is excited to try and customize the experience to her pampering requests.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!! UR POSH LADY, Shaleen Ague

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