Part 2: Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review

Time for the next update from our Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review!   

“Hi! Third round and I’m still loving it!  I did manage to get one ingrown hair under my left arm but the serum has helped to reduce the redness and size a bit.  I feel the difference hasn’t been drastic where I completely am all clear but I do think it has helped reduce the amount of ingrown hairs I usually get.  And I will take that for a win!” Customer review

Part 2: Grow Away Ingrown Hair Serum Review

So in order to move forward with our review and help this customer find her best results we are switching it up a little.

Starting today and going forward we will have her

Step 1- Start Exfoliating with her Snarky bar which provides both turn over of dead cells and hydration. This will help ingrown hairs from forming in the first place. Step 2 Follow with the Serum!  The lactic acid and cucumber water will continue to help soothe and banish the bumps going forward. So for ROUND 3 we will change it up a little!   I am ready to see if we can’t get even better results with our next check in. Stay Tuned…

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