Part 1 How to Prep for a Home Party

One of my favorite parts of being a leader is teaching and sharing with my team.  What you will also notice is that you will always get great tips and the real ME!! Today’s blog post will help you learn more about how to prop for a home party but also what the real life of an Independent consultant can be like 🙂 Part One- One of the most important steps to the Home Spa is the PREP before hand. You want to make sure you are ready and have the needed materials to show case your products. Being organized will go far to help your customers and hostesses take you seriously. Lapboards are a perfect way to keep all your material and information in one spot. In this video you will learn 1. What is a lap board and how you can create your own. 2. Why would I use a lap board at my home spa 3. What do I include in my lap board. Enjoy the nuggets of knowledge along with my crazy life with dogs! Don’t mind the running after the dogs at the start!

Check out Blog Post Two for Part Two

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