Pampering On the Go!

On the Go Pampering!

Limited Time Special!

We are full of deals this week and you have a chance to get your hands on some amazing products with amazing ingredients!  My featured ingredient this week is Tea Tree Oil and I happen to have 2 amazing products on sale that include this bad boy!

The first one in our Pampering On the Go Sale  (see banner)

The Purifier skin stick with the tea tree oil and shea butter.  This amazing skin stick is portable and easy to use any where you go.  It is amazing as we near the buggy season!

All our Skin Sticks are amazing but this weeks featured product for me is the Purifier which is packed with lots of essential oil goodness.


Before and After… Bug Bites don’t like the Purifier but Mommy’s Do!

What is Tea Tree Oil…

Tea Tree Oil

Anytime, anywhere, pamper with your favorite Skin Sticks. Each contains a unique blend of moisturizers and essential oils for skin and mood-enhancing benefits!

On sale now for just $10 each! Limited time only. Excluded from Buy 5, Get 1 Free. Offer ends May 18, 2016 at 10:00 am (MT).

Want to learn more about the other Skin Sticks?  

Check out my you tube channel for a great video on the use and benefits of these amazing sticks.

More Specials with this amazing ingredient! 

Product feature of the week –

The Purifier Snarky Bar

Natural exfoliants in our Snarky bars remove dry, dead skin while simultaneously moisturizing with gentle shea butter. Get extreme clean with the perfect pairing of exfoliation and unforgettable fragrance

Snarky Purifier sale

Lots of amazing goodness packed into this bar…  

Sugar plus
Eucalyptus Oil
Peppermint oil

Other Scents available but let me tell you this tea tree oil bar is amazing!

Got bumps on the back of  your arms or legs?  (Keratosis Pilaris)

Try this or any of the other snarky bars.

Feet need some extra TLC?

Try a Snarky bar.

Plus, Tea Tree oil is amazing for those smelly feet

snarkybars copy

Each Snarky Bar offers naturally based scrubby beads with amazing shea butter to make your skin so very smooth

Don’t miss these amazing Deals!  Ur Posh Lady, Shaleen Ague 

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