New Year Detox Beauty Purchase and Giveaway

Check out this Fun Purchase and Giveaway:

What you have to do to WIN!!

1. You purchase this amazing set at the steeply discounted price. Normally $78.00 on discount for $49.00

2. Once I get 6 buyers, the contest closes and prizes are randomly drawn for the following.

(everyone wins something)

1. One person will end up getting this set for FREE (just pay tax and shipping)

2. Two people will receive $25 toward a different product of their choice.

3. The remaining 3 people get to choose a product for 1/2 off (can’t be the bundle) I already have 3 takers so need 3 more!!!

Message me or go to this link to place your order

Giveaway closes on the 12th so hurry and be one of the first 6 to place your order.

Included in this package:

Just what you need to kick off the New Year with a fresh start, youthful skin, and stress free!

Be one of the first 6 to order this awesome bundle before Jan. 12th.

Shaleen Ague Ind. Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant