Monday PERK ME UP!

Monday PERK ME UP!

Easy Essentials For a Monday: Mister Mood Misters in Peppermint Perk will be sure to wake you up and get you going on Monday. The Mister combines essential oils into a quick-drying, water-based spritz to brighten a body, a bed, a closet, or any space your mood is taking you. Our Portabalms In Peppermint Perk: a sweet almond oil and cocoa butter combines exquisitely with our favorite pampering oil. They beg to be rubben into greedy temples, working wrists, and across naked necks.

Why Peppermint for Monday?

A brisk, invigorating peppermint essential oil will brighten your mood and your mind. Awake and energize…PERK!

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are known around the world for their variety of calming, cleansing, and aromatherapy properities. They help you set your mind on just the right course, no matter what’s in store for you day. Perfectly Posh brings ease and portability to some of earth’s most pampering oils by combining them with other all-natural ingredients. Easy Essentials are the essential oils that go with you, whatever your pursuit.