Moms Back to School Survival Kit

Back to School is one of those hard times in life when you are HAPPY to see them go but SAD because they are going.

In the Ague house it is also the struggle of getting back on a schedule.

Today I share with you some MOM/DAD must haves to survive the back to school routines

Where you Bean All My LIFE

If you live by the “coffee is life” motto, your skin will love this perky, big bath bar. Coffee beans and caffeine work to cleanse and even skin tone, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite, by gently exfoliating while packing an antioxidant punch so skin is ready to take on the day. You won’t find animal-derived tallow in this Chunk™, which can leave an icky film on skin. Instead, lather up with a creamy cocoa butter and glycerin base that leaves skin feeling soft and looking smooth.

Fresh Creamy Milk

This whipped, shea-based body butter is designed for long lasting, all-day moisture for dry, rough skin. Milk, milk thistle, and bamboo extract help rejuvenate uneven skin tone for a smoother feel while soothing shea butter helps protect skin by deeply conditioning for more suppleness and resilience, reducing the appearance of micro-tears and dryness.

 Impish Eye

Tired looking eyes get the wakeup call they need with a dose of caffeine boosted with white tea and cucumber to immediately help reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines in a hydrating glycerin base.


Skin Sticks are on-the-go pampering for every skin issue imaginable. The Purifier™ helps soothe skin by forming a protective layer on its surface with shea butter and beeswax while eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils cool, calm, and cleanse all sorts of bumps and imperfections. Calms skins appearance after contacting things that make you itch, scratch, & say ouch Great for skin imperfections & rough patches Moisture-locking shea butter & beeswax base Great for on-the-go pampering


Helps tame tension & energize Uplifting peppermint aromatherapy Moisturizing shea butter & beeswax base Great for on-the-go pampering


Skin Sticks are on-the-go pampering for every skin issue imaginable. The Healer™ keeps it simple with one of the planet’s most amazing ingredients: shea butter, loaded with skin smoothing and soothing lipids. Combined with beeswax, this Skin Stick instantly moisturizes and creates a protective layer to help shield skin from environmental pollution and the elements, which can cause micro-tears, cracks, and dry, flaky skin.


Make sure to pick the fragrance that makes you feel the BEST!! Ever used a lotion that left your hands feeling so greasy you couldn’t even turn a doorknob? What about a hand soap that left your hands feeling sandpaper-dry? Our hand crèmes are made with non-greasy apricot kernel oil for long-lasting moisture that absorbs quick, and we never put drying sulfates in our hand soaps; they’re made with delightfully foaming, coconut based cleansers.

Time to survive with the best Posh around. If you have questions or need help I am here to help you tackle your Back to School needs!