Moisturize! IMPORTANT Tips for Keeping Your Skin Protected in Winter Weather

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

The dryer, colder weather of winter pull out more of the skin’s natural moisture than in the warmer summer months. So, put more natural moisturizers on your skin and lock them in with natural humectants.

Layering for the Season

Consider layering your moisturizers during the winter months for optimal absorption and effectiveness. Your skin has layers so apply natural moisturizers that target the deepest layers first.  Remember, we aren’t just talking face and neck, your  hands take a brutal beating in winter weather!

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Go Deep for the Dermis

The Perfectly Posh Never Grow Up Anti-Aging Serum targets the skin’s dermis layer stimulate collagen production, even skin tone, and tighten with vitamin B3, caffeine, aloe vera, grape seed oil, watermelon seed oil, and more. Get this at for $20. Comparable products sell for $60-200.


Add a 1-2 Punch on Top

On the epidermis, or the skin’s outer-most layer, think about accomplishing 2 separate things for the best effect. It’s important to add pure and natural moisturizers, but also use pure and natural humectants to lock the moisture in. The Never Grow Up Anti-Aging Face Crème has been formulated with the purest and most natural ingredients to work most effectively on the epidermis with the serum doing it’s job in the dermis. The Never Grow Up Crème has olive, avocado, argan, and meadowfoam oils in combination with shea butter and multiple botanical extracts to rejuvenate the youthful look of the skin, while glycerin is a pH-perfect humectant to hold moisture and protect from its loss. Available at for $24. Comparable products sell for $48-160.


 Treatment: California-Style

When the damage is done and a little TLC Treatment is required, consider the Wildcrafted Face Balm by Perfectly Posh for $15. A unique blend of California fruit and flower essential oils, together with coconut and olive oils and shea and coco butter melt at body temperature as your fingers touch the balm and then absorb into the delicate skin on face when dabbed on. This unassuming product in a little metal tin will blow you away with its healing and protective benefits for facial skin. There’s no doubt at this price, you’ll want your face to have this kind of treatment all year round. Get a little “wild!” Try it! You deserve it!


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