Let's Get Snarky! Fall/Winter Skin Prep

Pampering your skin for fall and winter! Does your skin suffer from seasonal issues? Let me help you make it shine. Get scrubby and exfoliate those issues away. Our Snarky bars feature naturally based ingredients like sugar, honey, shea butter and more to buff and polish your skin before the COLD sets in.

THE DARK SIDE $16.00 Scented with musky amber, vanilla, and an invigorating splash of citrus and melon, this charcoal and shea-loaded scrubby bar removes dry, dead skin to brighten your skin and mood.

Raspberry Beret $16.00 Scented with tart grapefruit and raspberry, this scrubby bar removes dry, dead skin. Shea butter moisturizes and raspberry extract invigorates.

Sorry, Not Sorry Snarky Bar (most gentle) $16.00 Suffer no regrets with this sweet frothy, creamy mild scented scrubby bar. Natural sugar and oats gently remove dry, dead skin while shea butter, honey and milk moisturize and soothe for a light exfoliation.

CLASSIC PINK Snarky $16.00 Shea butter and natural scrubbing beads come together in a soapy concoction with a fragrance you’ll fall in love with: exotic flowers and sandalwood with serious attitude.

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