It's time. Best of Posh for Summer!

Getting that Summer glow just got that much easier with our new MAY special!

It is the Best of Posh for Summer with:

It's time. Best of Posh for Summer!

This fabulous set includes:

1. BFF: Best Face Forever Wash- A nourishing formula with grapefruit and peppermint and millions of scrubbing, exfoliating microbeads. Gentle enough for every day use.

2. Tree Hugger: A new natural and firm D*Tox Scrub. It features a deep-cleaning clay, sea salt and an earthy blend of strawberry seeds and coconut. Scrub your arms, legs and whole body to free yourself from free-radicals.

3. Olive You!- Soft Lemon and Green tea Olive Oil Butter ready to slather all over for smooth skin. Helps smooth fine lines and can fade discoloration over time. Anti-oxidant

4. The Caffeinator: Caffeine to shock those tired eyes and face. This nourishing formulation is perfect for perking up skin during long days or after a short night’s sleep.

5. Chatter: Big, Fat luxury to get your hands around. A Chatty Citrus bar soap to wash yourself from head-to-toe. Chunk Bath Bars are fragrant, lathering sanctuary for your skin.

6. Make Out Magic-Big Fat Yummy Lips- Menthol makes em’ pucker! Simply stupendous tint-with-a-kick glosses that will give you BIG FAT Yummy Lips.

JUST $75.00 for the whole set!

Summer ready from Head-to-Toe!

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It's time. Best of Posh for Summer!

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