In Any Love Language Perfectly Posh Makes a Fabulous Gift

Perhaps I’m slow… But as a self-help book junkie, it took me a few years to appreciate the significance of what Gary Chapman was saying in his best selling book, The 5 Love Languages. Or maybe I just needed to experience the struggle and pain of not being understood and not understanding before this information could resonate truth with me.

Do you know what your love language is? If not, access the quiz here and see what it reveals about you.

Without spilling the beans right up front, here are some tiny tid-bits about me that reveal my love language. Let’s see if you can figure it out in less time than it took my husband. 😉

*I don’t like flowers. To me, they stink. They make me sneeze; and eventually, they die.

*I don’t enjoy movies very much. In fact, it’s even hard for me to sit through a TV show, let alone a 2-hour movie.

backdoor birthday sign

*I feel guilty when someone does something for me that I should be able to do for myself!

*The Happy Birthday sign that my daughter made for me 4 years ago still hangs on the door that leads from my garage to the house is still hanging today. So, I see it EVERY time I walk into the house.

*The top drawer of my nightstand is jammed full cards, letters, and notes from all the significant people in my life. I just can’t throw them away!

*My daughter gave me a heart attack (left on my bedroom door) for my birthday 3 years ago. She wrote lots of notes telling me what she loved and appreciated about me as her mom

heart attack

No matter what your lover’s love language is, this Valentine’s Day, I can “hook you up” and help you speak to them to in their native love-tongue so they really hear and understand you with Posh!

If your spouse values gifts to feel loved, our job is easy! We can put together a pampering package that will give them the gift of pure and natural pampering products over and over again. Tell them you thought about them in every selection you made!

*If quality time is the language that says love to your honey, imagine the impact it would have to present them with a gift that says “You DESERVE some TIME to take care of YOU!”

*If your significant other craves words of affirmation, let’s craft a message especially for them using the fun Posh products. Do they need to hear:  

BFYHC Valentine

“Some Like it HOT, I just like it YOU! (even when you are a ‘lil Snarky!) because you are AMAAAZING, forever the “It” Girl and the only Shameless Flirt in my world! To me, you are Just Like Heaven! Get All Gussied Up, we’re goi

All Mixd Up Valentine Poshified

*“Not sure how I was lucky enough to get ALL MIXD Up with you… but I’m thankful everyday!”

MFEO Valentine

*“I hope you know, I know we were MFEO (Mint For Each Other)! This will remind you everyday!”

*“Day and night, NIGHT & DAY, you’re my BFF! If we NEVER GROW UP, I’m okay with that, as long as we’re together!”

Look Natural Valentine

For those who appreciate physical touch (intimacy), let me put together a set of Posh Skindelicious body butters that can add the promise of a year full of weekly back rubs too. (Something tells me you are gonna’ get something out of this gift too…;) )

And finally, the wife that deserves a break from the kids and craziness who needs acts of service (devotion) to feel loved will never forget a thoughtful package that includes promises of car washes, house cleaning, and baby sitting for bath time, along with a complete pampering bath package filled with Posh products!

Whatever Love Language you need to speak this Valentine’s Day, let Posh (and me) be your translator!