Hump Day HELP!

Hitting that middle of the week hump?

Let my Pampering Products get you through the week.

Grab a Chunk:

This is Pampering you’ll love to get your hands around. Chunk Bath Bars are a fragrant, lathering sanctuary for your skin. Creamy butters and moisturizing ingredients combine with rare and intricate fragrances. You’ll have to hold on with both hands when you climb in and experience Chunk from Perfectly Posh.

Available in 3 fragrances:

Feng Shoap

Shea butter and olive oil meet a powdery far-away fragrance and opulent lather for a cleansing experience that will blow your balanced mind.

The Hippie Scrubber

Peace, love and patchouli exfoliate your skin to take you on a far-out creamy vanilla trip. An ultra-hip, triple-milled, scrubbing sensation.

Polka-Dot Peppermint:

Sweet and stark peppermint permeates you with a POP upside the head, and then pleases your whole day. Pink and red-ribboned bright moisturizing.

Nothing starts a day like a CHUNK and nothing completes a day better then a CHUNK!

Pick a scent!

Pick a time!

And enjoy your middle of the week HUMP with a CHUNK!