How To Get Maximum Benefit from Your Body Scrub

How To Get Maximum Benefit from Your Body Scrub


Typically, the exfoliators in a body scrub are water-soluble, which means they dissolve in water. But exfoliating ingredients do their best job of knocking off the dead skin dry. So, instead of applying a scrub after you are already wet in the shower, apply them while you are still dry before you get in.

1Jan_7 add water

After the exfoliating massage with your fabulous scrub (perhaps one you’ve purchased at, the next step is to add just a small amount of water, just enough to dissolve the water-soluble ingredients like sugar and salt. If you add enough water to dissolve these ingredients, but not enough to rinse everything off, then you’re left with a fabulous gel you can massage into your newly exfoliated skin. This gives any chemical exfoliants and moisturizers an opportunity to do their job for a soft and smooth outcome.


1Jan_14 massage

This little bit of water activates the moisturizers in your scrub. Take full advantage of this opportunity to get the maximum benefit from those moisturizers. Really rub that leftover gel around!

SHAVE???   If your scrub has exfo

1Jan_13 shave

RINSE  Now that you’ve given the moisturizers an opportunity to do their thing, rinse everything away.

1Jan_8 rinse


You’re now smooth and polished from your incredible body scrub. But you’ve really only addressed the epidermis, the top, outermost layer of skin. Add a coat of high quality moisturizer, one that penetrates deep into the skin. Look for shea butter when you choose your moisturizer; It reaches the skin’s deeper layers. And be sure your moisturizer has pure and natural humectants to lock the moisture in.  Four great options might be Honey, Honey! Healing Body Creme,  Skindelicious Moon Over Sedona, Skindelicious Portlandia, or Skindelicious Brazilian Bombshell.  All yummy and fantastic for your skin!

honey honey Nov_34
moon over Nov_51
brazilian bombshell Nov_47
portlandia Nov_50

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