House Cleaning and a Bath! Two Luxuries not to be taken for granted!

House Cleaning Heaven

I have housecleaners, I’m not gonna’ lie! This was the first “luxury” expense I allowed myself when I reached the point in my business that I could afford it. They come every other week and I LOVE these 2 days each month! However, if I am being totally and completely honest here… I miss my first house cleaner, the one I hired VERY FIRST when I reached that magic point in my business.

Here’s the deal: The VERY FIRST house cleaner I hired was a friend of mine. She needed money and I needed help; and I had made a promise to myself of the gift of “freedom:” freedom from a messy house and the time it takes to keep it deep cleaned. So, I hired my friend and man was she GOOD! No, she was HEAVENLY! OMP, she was seriously meticulous about the details, using a pumice stone on the hard water rings around my faucets and bleach on my shower floor to kill all stuff that my hard water promotes the growth of.

Okay, so that’s been several years ago, since my FIRST-true-house-cleaning-love… and I miss her! You would think I would have moved up from there… I have a team of 2 house-cleaning sisters now. But it’s just not the same. Today, for example, I was freezing and got in my tub right after they left and was appalled that I could still feel that lingering water-line from my last bath. It’s not something I could “see,” per se; but still, I could feel it. And this was a bummer on so many counts because I relish in that “first-bath” after the cleaners come. I sell pampering products, for heaven’s sake! So I KNOW how to take a FABULOUS bath! But a newly cleaned tub adds a whole new dimension to a bathing experience. It elevates it from warm and terrestrial to hot and celestial! It really can be a sacred experience. Well, it could have been and should have been! I added all the right ingredients for it to be sacred: hot water, my favorite Posh bath salts (Snarky Bath, SF4514, on Part of me feels like I wasted that Snarky Bath salt; and part of me knows it redeemed the experience in the ring-laden tub.

I miss you FIRST-true-house-cleaning-love… and you know who you are!