Happy 4th Birthday Posh!

Happy 4th Birthday Posh!

4 years ago today I made a huge decision, I left my previous business and jumped into this simple Lotion and Soap Company, with my heart pumping as I took the leap of faith and started on this pampering journey with Perfectly Posh.

Today I stand in awe of the growth, dedication and drive of my fellow Posh sisters. This journey has lead me to see so many women reach their goals and provide for their families. It is not just a personal journey it is a journey of success for so many amazing women.

I am not typically one to post numbers but I feel that this shows how hard these ladies are working and how we are sharing the vision of taking just a few minutes of your day out for yourself. We all deserve a little ME TIME, and we are sharing it one person at a time.

Just last night we congratulated many huge promotions, the most in our company so far in one month.

Genna Cav Gold Premier

Tara Johnson Premier

Barbara Wynne Silver Premier

Tammy Eastlick Premier

Olivia- Silver Premier

Elizabeth Body- Premier

Trisha S. Gold

Julie Rehor- Premier

Who would have thought that 4 years would bless so many of us in so many ways?

Our Posh Crew Company of 2,941 is reaching milestones I only dream of.

We sold over 550K last month of pampering products.

THAT IS products that are all under $25.00.

This is just one Month in the Life of a Pampering Company. What a Birthday Present it is to see these ladies reach their goals.

What a blessing you ladies are to the Posh Crew Company.

Happy 4th Birthday Posh and Congrats ladies for all your success!


Happy 4th Birthday Posh!

Look at you ladies Go!

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