Get Butt-Hurt No More! It’s Not About Getting Revenge or Getting Even. It’s About Getting What You

Note to self and anyone else who could benefit from this advice:

Why you gotta’ get all *butt-hurt about it? I know! I know! People do things that hurt you all the time! The emotional pain is real; but the suffering is totally NOT necessary!

Whether you are the girl that the cheerleaders talked mean about in high school, the grandchild that didn’t get Christmas presents when all the other grandchildren in the family did, the department manager that the CEO has been setting up to fail so he can use you as a scapegoat, or the entrepreneur that lost a contract because a former employer called a business owner and threatened them so they wouldn’t do business with you, people do mean things that hurt! The effects can absolutely change lives. So, you are left with a couple choices… You can get revenge or you can get even, right?

WRONG! Getting revenge only demonstrates that you are willing to do the same thing to someone else that hurt you. And that just makes you a hypocrite!

So, suffer in silence and ignore your pain-maker, right? Hardly! Being butt-hurt makes you ugly! Everyone can still see it – even when you try to hide it. The suffering shows and it’s unattractive to others.

But smart people who have been butt-hurt agree: you have another option and it’s a much better option. Oprah Winfrey said, “They say getting thin is the best revenge. Success is much better!” Frank Sinatra said, “The best revenge is MASSIVE SUCCESS.” They would both definitely know the personal feeling of people saying mean things about them and also the satisfaction in the rewards of their hard work.

forget how you feeI and remember what you deserve poshified

So, say what you’re gonna’ say. I’m not gonna’ get all butt-hurt about it. I use butt-hurt like fuel for a fire or cash for a 401K.

*Urban Dictionary link for Butt-Hurt: