Flirt Factor: Batting a Thousand with Lashes for Your Valentine

Did you know that eye contact makes you more attractive? It’s true, according to a FoxNews report! That must be why women are forking over fortunes they don’t really have for eyelash extensions!

eyelash extensions

Sometime over the last couple years, I’ve lost my flirt factor. But I’m determined to bring back long drawn-out glances and full-force lash batting back with a vengeance. And I’m going to need practice. So, ***disclaimer: if you catch me staring you down in the near future, don’t worry, I’m just practicing, trying to feel more comfortable in my own skin so I can start to flirt with my husband again.

gray eye long lashes

But if I do try to stare you down, make sure you look at my eyelashes! They are all mine! I have NOT paid the big bucks to have extensions applied and I spend $7 or less on my mascara.   Though I have been investing a little more in mascara recently, as I’ve recently discovered that I feel so much better about myself when I actually put mascara on during the day.

One other thing I’ve discovered, well it’s kind of a secret… But I’ll share it with you, you know, ‘cause we’ve got to be internet buddies by now, right? There is actually an all-natural protein peptide serum that makes my lashes grow. And NO! It’s not Latisse! And it didn’t change my eye color! It’s called Lash Pop! And it’s made by Perfectly Posh. The best part is that it only costs $22 for a 3-month supply. Well, really, the best part is that my eyes are still blue… and the lashes are MINE! 


Bat your eyelashes at me with all the force of a thousand butterfly wings and I’ll tell you where you can get your Lash Pop and reclaim your flirt factor too.

Lash Pop poshified