Finding Moisture in the Winter!!

Moisture On LOCK DOWN!!!

How many of you start to suffer from horrible dry skin in the WINTER?



Well it is time to show you how to put moisture on a lock down. With glycerin you will be able to PROTECT and PAMPER all WINTER long!


Did you know that glycerin is skin-identical, which means it’s naturally found in and easily absorbed by your skin.  This magic ingredient draws moisture both from the air and the lower layers of your skin, and locks it in place for top notch hydration and protection.


Products that you can afford!

Products that are safe to use on the whole family!

 Products that say pampering with the first feel!

  We also promise that we are Cruelty-FREE and all our glycerin is derived from vegetable sources— NEVER ANIMALS!!

We love our animals!


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We also feature glycerin in our Pampering Pursuit bundle for the month of December!  Join and lock in lots of moisture for this whole winter season!


Lock it in all month long with our Team!

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Ur Posh Lady, Shaleen Ague

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