Comedogenicity: It’s All Greek To Me!


The Healer is my Windex.  Ask my children…)

popping zit

Comedogenicity seems pretty simple, but here’s where the zany world of zits gets tricky: non-comedogenicity. Non-comedogenic means exactly what it sounds like: non-pore clogging. But this beauty buzzword isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Just about any product can be labeled non-comedogenic. The word’s usage is almost totally unregulated.

So is it time to swear off product completely? Not at all! Acne can be caused by something as natural as dirt mixed with the oils from your face, so ditching your product could actually backfire.

By now you’re probably sitting in front of your computer thinking: “So, what’s an acne prone beauty maven like me to do?” I’m clogged if I do, and I’m clogged if I don’t. Well, not necessarily. Let’s throw one more twist into the comedogenicity chaos: The comedogenicity scale is inherently flawed. (More on that here.)

Does the scale have its uses? Yes. Is it the be all end all for determining which products to use? No. Not only is every product different. Each person’s sensitivity to products is unique. So how does one decide what to slather on her skin? This Poshified momma recommends a little bit of common sense (i.e. avoid the Windex), a little trial and error, and a whole lot of carefully formulated Perfectly Posh with only pure and natural ingredients.

(A last note of reference… THIS Poshified momma is the “neck”… and she makes a mean Poppy Seed Bundt Cake.  I’ll share the recipe below.)

bundt cake in pan