Co-Founder of Perfectly Posh, and my friend, Andrew McBride.

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Posh Founder: My Friend: Andrew McBride

Andrew’s INTEGRITY is one of the reason’s I joined Posh

There are people in my life that I’ve known I can trust and believe in from the very start. These people have become my truest friends. They’re the ones I know I can trust to be with, and even to mentor my children. And that’s saying something because my whole life is dedicated to successfully rearing my children and building my family. Andrew McBride is one of those people. His integrity is one of the main reason’s I joined Posh.

I know Andrew from way before Posh

The McBrides were neighbors. Then they became friends. Then Andrew and I were business associates. My trust in him and my understanding of his character has developed progressively over time.

Andrew is one of the smartest people I know

In working closely with Andrew, I’ve come to appreciate his incredible intellect. He truly is one of the smartest people I know. His analytic skills generated incredible growth and success in the company he worked with before Posh. I knew when Posh started, that his command of financial and business principles along with his absolute integrity would mean that Perfectly Posh would be a successful company.

Who you hitch your wagon to makes a difference

My corporate career and previous direct sales experience taught me that who you choose to “hitch your wagon to” makes a difference. People and companies often talk the talk. They’ll tell you what they know you want to hear. But the thing that counts is whether they follow through and do what they say they are going to do. What really matters is whether or not they walk the walk. I knew that as a business founder, Andrew McBride would walk the walk. And that’s why I joined him and Ann Dalton in Posh.