Best Chillin' Stick EVER !

Monday Product Review Live with our Just Chillin’ stick This is one of my PICK 6 in our New Spring/Summer Catalog! So that means I would recommend everyone grab one of these bad boys.

What is the Just Chillin’ Stick? This Giant Stick is a Cooling Stick! Loaded with Peppermint oil, caffeine, cucumber, and aloe! Great for soreness, and swelling, to reduce inflammation, slow blood flow and reduce pain. You can cool a sunburn and other minor irritations with this amazing stick. HOT FLASHES… CHILL with the Chillin’ stick Headache…. Chill it out with the Chillin’ stick. This multi-purpose stick will be sure to help you make it through the toughest of days! Check it out..

From our website.. Have a muscle injury, soreness, and swelling? This light formula feels instantly cool on your skin with peppermint oil and menthol, while aloe vera adds a soothing sensation. Caffeine and cucumber have a tightening effect, which can help reduce circulation locally and subsequently reduce pain. This giant Skin Stick is also great for minor skin irritations like sunburns and tension-tightened necks. Glide over achy muscles and massage in for a cooling, soothing sensation.

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